Glocal Camp is a physical event that promotes the collective and mutual empowerment of territories. Driven by the international network CivicWise, it lasts approximately one week, where collective work is carried out on ongoing projects through the network on a global scale while promoting and strengthening local projects and initiatives, thus creating exchanges of “glocal” (global + local) knowledge and experiences.

Glocal Camp offers a space for people capable of strengthening the CivicWise network communities while focus their energy, experience and knowledge in specific issues and projects of the territory in which it meets, strengthening the local learning and innovation communities for create or accelerate the development of strategies and projects with specific formats and methodologies of global and local application.

Glocal Camp is also a meeting of professionals with international experience. A moment that takes the CivicWise network to meet and deepen their maturation process, doing all this in an open and distributed way. An opportunity to evaluate, consolidate and plan specific strategies and objectives for each field of the network: communication, governance, economy, academia, etc.


4th Glocal Camp Edition in the last two years.


After having passed through Paris, Valencia and L'Hospitalet in the previous editions, the fourth Glocal Camp will take place in the Canary Islands (Spain).


Hoping that everyone has already recovered from the Canarian carnival, the event will take place during the month of April 2018.


More than 50 professionals with international experience working with people and agents of the territory, promoting and strengthening local initiatives.

Next Glocal Camp will take place April 2018 at Canary Islands. Keep updated.

Glocal is coming