During the development of the event we will organize by work commissions. The event tries to generate a distributed and collaborative logic. Because of this, the commissions are formed by the participants themselves. Each person is free to form part or not of the commission that interests him most.

For internal communication of the members of each of the commissions we will have specific telegram groups. The contents of each commission are organized in drive folders.

Below you can find a description of each of the commissions as well as the links to the different telegram groups.

Mediation and Welcoming

They are responsible for welcoming the participants upon their arrival. They show the facilities and give basic information on the dynamics of the Glocal Camp. The work will not only be welcoming, but will be a reference for the participants throughout the meeting, general doubts about the functioning of the meeting.

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They are responsible for managing the check in of the participants. They will record and control income and general expenses during the meeting.

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They deal with the dissemination through the social networks of the event, manage press tasks, prepare contents for the blog during the meeting as well as collect and collect the documentation generated in the different workshops and activities. It is thus facilitated that all the content generated during the meeting is locatable and accessible, both for the participants and for other members of the CivicWise network who could not have participated in the Glocal Camp in person.
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They are responsible for managing the work related to the organization of food and drinks during the meeting. They will coordinate with the hired chef and will manage the orders for drinks and meals.

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Space logistics

They take care of the work spaces during the meeting. They are responsible for ensuring the necessary logistics for the different activities: materials, furniture, projector, etc.

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Glocal connection

During the meeting, it seeks to generate connection with members of the CivicWise network beyond the actual face-to-face meeting. This group will be in charge of coordinating and scheduling connection sessions of the Glocal Camp meeting with members of the network that are located in other cities and / or territories.

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It is about the local team of CivicWise Canarias. They take care of the general coordination of the meeting, communicating with the different committees and ensuring the operation of the same.

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