We are very excited for our meeting from April 4th to 15th, 2018 in Canary Islands.

It is now time to think about what to expect from and how to enjoy the Glocal Camp. Take a look at the PROGRAM SCHEDULE


Regarding the program, training workshops, conferences and all activities during the Glocal Camp are free and there will be no costs for the participants to attend. However the cost for food and drinks for those days will be covered by each participant. We have been working in the search for collaborations and services that allowed costs as low as possible. You will find more information about accommodation and subsistence costs on the next page.

❓ If you still have some questions about the event, our FAQ’s page might be helpful.

Please, fill the form, in which we request some important information in order to know your needs and preferences. Let’s go!

What's your name?

What's your surname?

Where are you coming from?

Give us the city.

What is your native language?

Which other languages can you speak?


What dates are you coming?

Take a look at the program before telling us when you are coming to Canary Islands. It's very important to organize the accomodation.


We have local partners that will allow us to have the necessary infrastructure to develop the event. In Gran Canaria we have a collaboration agreement with Asociación Atlas , a local alternative travel association. On the island of Tenerife we ​​will stay at La Terrera Hostel.

We still have free beds for the stay on the island of Gran Canaria. For the stay in Tenerife we ​​have already completed capacity, so if you are thinking of attending the days when the event takes place in Tenerife and you need accommodation, you will need to manage it individually. The cost for accommodation in Gran Canaria will be 8€ per person per night. The total amount will be paid upon arrival. You can find more information on the next page.

Do you need accommodation in GRAN CANARIA for the days in which the Glocal Camp takes place on that island?

Yes, I do.No, I don't. I will be staying somewhere else.

Have you already bought the plane tickets?

The event will be taking place in two islands, Gran Canaria -from the 4th to 12th- and Tenerife -from 13th to 15th-. Please double-check the program to see what fits for you.

Mobile phone

It is not mandatory, but it will be very useful for logistics in general and to coordinate during the camp. Please be accurate and indicate your national area code - e.g. France 0033 611111111 / Italy 0039 111111111

What's your email?

For the organization of the event and also during and after we will be sharing relevant updates, such as details about the cost for food and accomodation. It's important to be in touch.

Thanks for your interest in Glocal Camp, you will be updated and remember, be "glocal" my friend!