Kicking off

CIVICWISE is a distributed and open community. It’s mission is to empower citizens by fostering collaborative urbanism, promoting civic innovation and inspiring better civic engagement. Started in January 2014 in London, CivicWise is now a non-profit organization which has rapidly evolved from a handful of enthusiasts to a global movement in dozens of countries.

Now it’s time to meet, debate and make stuff together. It’s why we decided to organise the first GLOCAL CAMP that will take place in Paris (France) in may.

GLOCAL CAMP is an event that aims to bring together actors from across the globe during one week, to envision new ideas for cities and highlight citizen initiatives and civic innovation. Through workshops and discussions that address more overall as well as specific local issues, this event wishes to foster civic engagement and civic intelligence in ways that are open and collaborative.

Next to workshops, installations and other fun activities will give citizens and local inhabitants of the neighbourhood interested in this subject, a taste of the challenges and dynamics of different processes, and connect them with members of the various communities.


3 days to prototype a civic place

Workshops dealing with construction and design implementation of spaces will be offered during the first two days. Small infrastructural support such as tables, chairs, presentation panels will enhance the workspaces for the various groups working on the projects. This will also be a first opportunity to get to know each other in a setting that is interactive and collaborative. Any individual motivated citizens are also welcome to join.


3 days to debate, reflect, restitute

The following day, the public space will host more conceptual workshops hat deal with multiple subject matters such as:

Civic Tech: What is the impact of new, particularly digital technologies on the relations between citizens, institutions, economic actors and academics?

Civic Economy: How can the rise of new spaces create new meeting points where, in a formal or informal manner, participants of an area, be it administratively, commercially, or it’s inhabitants, can work together to solve common challenges?

Governance: What new forms of governance are necessary for a society that has become more dynamic and decentralized?

The event will also benefit from the participation of the Lycée Jean Quarré, which will offer workshops to explore the future of this institution.
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